En Suite

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After a long, stressful day at work or outdoors, nothing beats having a warm or cold bath in your own personal space where no one bothers you to hurry up. This and more are just among the many benefits of having your “in the room” bathroom or en suite.

If you are based in Penrith and you are looking for a bathroom contractor who is an expert in en suite renovation or construction, you have come to the right place.

En Suite Renovation Ideas

Whether you en suite needs an overhaul or you want to fit a new one, here are some features you might want to consider:

  • Frameless shower – consider frameless shower screen panels as shower doors can actually be an eyesore. Doing so allows you to create an illusion of a wider space and impose a more modern, stylish look.
  • Wall-hung vanity – free up some floor space by opting for wall-hung vanity. The space underneath can accommodate additional storage or just free it up for a more airy and large-looking space.
  • In-wall cisterns – another space-saving option that allows you to add floating shelves above the cistern for additional storage space.
  • Large floor tiles – this means less grouting and less visible lines that trick the eyes into seeing larger, wider space. Choose floor tiles carefully in order to achieve this look.
  • Large mirrors – large mirrors installed either wall to wall or from ceiling to floor are not only stylish; they also make the room look wider. You can also have them in different shapes to add more life to the space.
  • Lighting – put some lighting around the vanity to add brightness as well as luxury feels in the area and also to boost the perception of having a spacious bathroom.

The En Suite Renovation Pros

Have you finally decided to have your en suite renovated or create a new one? Do you have limited space that you though an en suite won’t fit? We are here to help.