Laundry Rooms

laundry room reno

Laundry rooms need to be organized and fully functional in order to lessen a bit off the workload at home. If you have broken cabinets, outdated appliances, faulty electrical and plumbing fixtures, it is about time to call the experts in laundry room design, installation, and renovation.

Our laundry renovation services include the following:

  • Design and Materials – we customise laundry room design and layout based on your specific needs and budget. We also customise cabinets, folding ironing board, storage closets, laundry tubs, and folding tables. Guaranteed, we only use premium quality hardware and supplies to ensure longer lifespan of your laundry room features.

Our team can also install all types of flooring as well as priming and painting of ceilings, walls, baseboards and trim.

  • Construction and Installation – we remove old walls and frame new one and the drywall. We install gas lines, electrical, plumbing, venting, central vacuum and audio safely and securely, in accordance to any building or electrical codes.

Laundry Room Basics

Setting the budget for your much-needed laundry room renovation can be very challenging. There are just too many things you need the space to have to ensure function, convenience, safety, and comfort as you do the chore. Here are the basics of every laundry room that you need to allocate most of your budget on:

  • Appliances
  • Washers with access to hot and cold water lines and drains
  • Gas dryers or electric dryers – gas dryers may be a better option if you have a gas hook up as it is way cheaper to operate over time.
  • Front-loading or top-loading washing machines – but most clients prefer front loads as it can accommodate a countertop. It can be positioned side-by-side, and relatively easy to stack. Choose high-efficiency models based on their energy star ratings.
  • Electrical – must have GFCI-protected receptacles, and electric dryer must have its down dedicated circuit. Our licensed electricians will makes sure all electrical in the laundry room is safely and securely designed and installed.
  • Countertop – you may add countertops so you have some space to sort and fold the laundry. Common materials used include engineered quartz, Corian, and laminate. The most important thing is that laundry room countertops must be moisture-resistant.
  • Lighting – the most popular choice today are under-cabinet LED strops, canned ceiling lights, and low-profile overhead light.
  • Flooring – floors must be waterproof and durable. Common laundry room flooring options include vinyl tiles, natural stone, and ceramic and porcelain tiles.
  • Storage – cabinets are essential to organize things and minimise the clutter. You may also add open shelves, baskets, wall cubicles, hanging clothes bars, pull-out drying racks, folding ironing boards, and hidden hampers.
  • Sink – keep it close to the washer to maximise the plumbing lines. You can opt to have floor-mounted or a stand-alone utility sinks, or wall-mounted sinks.
  • Wall – go for anti-bacterial or anti-microbial wall paint as the laundry room has high levels of moisture and humidity – a perfect breeding place for the mould and mildew.
  • Ventilation – keep the laundry room safe at all times with proper ventilation system. There must be enough space for humidity and heat to dissipate not only for safety but to keep the machines at peak efficiency all the time.

Trust the Experts

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